How to use Disk Drill to Recover Deleted Trash on Mac Products

     Disk Drill is an amazing software program for Mac trash recovery, allowing you to retrieve files that you might have accidentally moved into the trash bin without being able to retrieve them prior to your system automatically emptying the biin.  This happens all the time, causing stress and chaos to Mac users far and wide.   However, you are in luck because is now offering a free basic version of the Disk Drill software on their website.  Let’s walk through the process of using this remarkable program for trash recovery on Mac devices.

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STEP 1: The first obvious step is to go to the site to download your FREE version of software.  The executable file will be the placed into your downloads file, then drag-and-drop into the applications folder on your computer.  As you begin to initiate the installation, Disk Drill is going to ask you for your secret administration password.  This will give the program the necessary permission to scan your systems for possible Mac trash recovery.


STEP 2: The next step will be to select the proper hard drive location that you would like to target for recovering these accidentally deleted files.  A window will appear on your screen with a comprehensive list of all of the individual hard drives, exterior storage devices, and partitions that are available for scanning.  All you have to do is click on the appropriate location where you believe the original file was initially stored.  Directly to the right, you will see a “recover” button.  By clicking on the button, Disk Drill will run through a series of scanning methods that will be used to recover trash on your Mac.


     You can download the software immediately, even if you haven’t yet deleted any of your files accidentally.  In doing so, Disk Drill will then begin to create invisible copies of each and every file on your Mac, along with their locations on your hard drives.  Then, in the future should you happen to accidentally delete a file, an option will appear in the recovery scanning choices called “undelete protected data”.  Even if you still have the free version of Disk Drill for Mac trash recovery and have not yet upgraded to the Disk Drill Pro version, your files can be instantly recovered in nearly all cases.


 STEP 3: Once the system has completely scanned your hard drives and partitions, a list of recoverable files will appear on your screen, along with their original locations on your systems.  You can preview each file in advance to ensure that this is indeed file that you wish to retrieve.  Once you have located the missing file, simply click on the recovery button located next to it.


Disk Drill offers several methods of scanning, including the Quick Scan method which takes only a few seconds.  This is the preferred method if you have accidentally tossed your file into the trash bin very recently.  The Deep Scan method works well for files that were perhaps lost several weeks or even months ago.

To recover deleted trash on Mac systems, Disk Drill is the best software around!



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